Fremont street in downtown Las Vegas is no longer a place I will visit.

The city of Las Vegas has made me feel unwelcome and unwanted downtown.

I do not care for the pan handlers and people wanting to charge for lame pictures.

I don't need to see and old man in his underwear and a grown man in a diaper.

The city council of Las Vegas has ban alcohol in cans or bottles from it's original container. This law may come with a $250 fine if I drink a beer in the can or bottle it came in on Fremont Street.

I also don't care the the hired security that has no respect for guest of the downtown. Las Vegas Metro and the Clark county sherriff department are very nice and very respectful people. Hired security are power hungry and have no respect for people downtown.

I no longer want to feel unsafe walking from the El Co to the Nugget at night.

I am tired of being hasseled by people selling and number of products I don't want.